Flamenco Ole!

Monday 4/14 - 5/12, 2008
6 week course, 4:30 - 5:30 PM
Youth & Teen Classes 7 & Up Santa Clarita City & Recreation with Lucas Club After School Enrichment Program. www.lucasclub.com
Teaching Experience    
Sevillanas the Dance of Andalucia Spanish Department UCLA
Sevillanas SMC World Dance Students Gypsy Camp Ethnic Arts Center
Flamenco Vocabulary, History and Choreography   Gypsy Camp Ethnic Arts Center


An avid student of dance, theatre, music, literature, musicology, sociology, anthropology and art history provide a continued foundation for understanding the importance of art, culture and musical traditions around the World. Especially focusing on the traditions that originate in the Southern Iberian Peninsula with their numerous influences including the Gypsy culture, the Arab and Sephardic among others, to the influences from India and North Africa within the Gypsy culture itself are a powerful source for creativity. "Of great importance to me is following Iberian music's trajectory as it traveled to the Americas where it was incorporated into the already existing complex cultural traditions and arts of the native American cultures, creating a marriage in the arts we now vividly see in the modern Latin World today. Culture, creative and artistic expressions when looked at in detail seem to always show the marriages, similarities and powerful human interactions that unite us. Through culture and the arts we find undeniable connecting factors within the shared human experience, a beautiful and inspiring common denominator." For this reason Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco is dedicated to multi-cultural unification and understanding through the arts.



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