Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco is based in Los Angeles and deeply respects the culture and traditions that created flamenco and that make up flamenco’s rich history and give it it's powerful voice. This history is deep in the heart of Karina from memories of early childhood, family history and by current experiences within the flamenco community both in Spain and abroad. As Artistic Director of Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco, Karina is deeply moved by the importance of flamenco’s roots, yet with a firm belief that everything is in a state of growth and evolution; this boundless artistic evolution has been primarily headed by the brilliant flamenco community in Spain, flamenco’s capacity for un-restricted expression can be seen around the world today and is an important part of the continued artistic development of Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco. Flamenco, which itself is comprised of numerous cultural influences has a brilliant capacity for continual fusions throughout World Art, Dance & Music.

Flamenco is poetry, rhythm, dance and music. It is rich in story telling and can be expressed powerfully in a small room, at a gathering, tablao or built into a complex theatrical performance. In all its performance forms, its passion, capacity for touching its audience and power are always undeniable and deeply felt.

Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco can be booked for: Theatrical appearances with full-length two act concerts, one-act concerts, and partial concerts. Private events and parties, corporate events, festivals, traditional tablao performances, college and university performances, festivals, lectures, film, television...Available locally, nationally and internationally.

Booking Details:

You may book Karina Velasco as an individual performer or choreographer, or book Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco as a company. Depending on your needs the company can be as large or as small as you require. We recommend a cuadro flamenco that has:
Guitar, singer, palmas, percussion & dance, but depending on your needs the group may be adapted to your specific requirements.


Beyond flamenco Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco can also produce shows with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural artists, dancers and musicians. Other musical fusions that may be produced include, but are not limited to: Cuban, Brazilian, Mexican Folklorico, Indian, Middle Eastern, Romanian, Sephardic, Latin American, Central American, North African...

Flamenco Technical Requirements:

Depending on whether the performance is at a private home, private event/venue or a theater the technical needs will vary. Flamenco is always danced on a wood floor or surface due to its powerful footwork. If you do not have a wood floor at your event we may provide one for you.

Basic technical requirements for private events
without sound systems or microphones/homes:

Wood floor, chairs without arms for musicians and dancers, electrical outlets for sound system.

Basic technical requirements for private events
with sound systems and microphones:

Wood floor, chairs without arms for musicians and dancers, sound system, microphones for musicians and singers, floor microphone for dance.

Basic technical requirements for theatrical performances:

Wood stage or floor, chairs without arms from musicians and dancers, microphones for musicians and singers, floor microphones, sound engineer, and light technician.

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